Kna plus is the brand made from Kanazu sen-i (Kanazu Textiles) and the Nature, plus a variety of people, things, and matters.

Kanazu Sen-i is the predecessor company of kna plus which produces textiles such as polylactic acid fibers as materials in Fukui prefecture where fiber and the textile industry is flourishing.

Located in textiles related high technology hub with rich natural surroundings, where is full of human power of producing new creations by making the most of local resources.

Kna plus is the first product made by using our skills and being influenced by so many different people, things,and actions.

We will continue to grow up by taking in various kinds of things.

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corporate information

Corporate name
kna plus Corporation
63-85-1 Kakibara,Awara-city,Fukui 919-0812,JAPAN
+81 (0)776 73 3997
+81 (0)776 73 0093


kna-plus bags are made of delicate bio-degradable filament yarn. Please be careful of the following:

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