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What is polylactic acid fiber made from?

It is made from starch of corn kernel.

How much weight can the bags withstand?

On our testing they had the tensile strength of 15kg;however, as days go by they seem to lose the strength. Although our staffs use them stuffing as much as one shopping basket and they have never got torn,they may tear by adding sudden force such as lifting them at a stretch.Please lift them slowly when you put in heavy objects.

Does pleats form change?

Pleats are not permanent. Pleats folds becomes looser a little. They may get looser fast if you leave them extended with things inside of the bag. To keep the pleats lasting we recommend that you place the bag empty on a flat place after use. Never iron them.

It is indicated the bags should be washed in the water up to 30 _ ; however,does the sun heat affect them during the shopping in summer or driving a car with the bag after shopping?

Hydrolysis occurs when the humidity is added to certain temperature. The bag is waterproof so placing it under the sun heat for a while basically doesn`t affect the materials.

However, please avoid leaving them in a place humid and hot such as a car parked during summer. Please consider that polylactic acid is a living thing.Things born from nature return to the nature.

Washing with water up to 30 _ means that the pleats tend to loosen if you wash and stir them in higher temperature water with detergent. The pleats less likely to loosen if you put the bags in a net when you wash them.

How much heat and humidity does hydrolysis need to occur?
Can hydrolysis occur in everyday life?

It doesn't occur as far as in normal daily lives in Japan, but please avoid leaving the bags in a place such as a car parked during summer.Since there is a experiment report which says hydrolysis occurs from 57 _ with 60% humidity, please take care of use and the using environment.

It is said that the bags deteriorate in a hot and humid place, but does it occur in one season?

By daily use,it is assumed that degradation begins approximately in one year.This is aging degradation which occurs regardless of high temperature and humidity. Any fiber causes aging degradation. If the specific condition of high temperature and humidity is satisfied the material may get torn within a year.On the other hand, our staffs use them in a pretty heavy rough way and they still haven't seen any symptom . Therefore it depends on each way of use and environment of users, which we cannot specify exactly when and how.

How many days does it take for the material to decompose in the soil?

It does not decompose immediately. Hydrolysis doesn't occur unless conditions are satisfied. It is reported as a test data of manufacturer that it decomposes in two weeks if the conditions are satisfied.

Can we use the bags on rainy days?

There is no problem since the bags are waterproof.
However, please make sure you rinse out the detergent well when washing them otherwise they tend to get wet in rain.

If the bags get wet with rain,does those color transfer to my clothes?

It doesn't occur when the bags are wet.

Since polylactic acid fiber is weak in dry friction,by rubbing the material polylactic acid particles flake off and fall into the grain of other fabric,which may seem color transfer.

Do the bags have expiry date of usage?

Although they are considered to be used for approximately one year, the durability depends on each situation and environment of users, which we cannot guarantee exactly for one year.While there are many people using them for more than a year, there are also people who keep them in a place humid without using for a long time, or who keep them in their own bag and have no chance to use them.Because of these various situation, unfortunately we cannot tell one year of durability with certainty as mentioned above.Furthermore, there is a case of taking out them from a wardrobe after storing them for a year or two just because they were a gift and you care, which deteriorates the fabric or shortens the time available to use since the hydrolysis has already been activated.

How do the bags become like once the decomposition occurs?

They mostly tear along the pleats. Once the decomposition starts they tear easily along the pleats just by pulling them lightly even if they used to keep heavy-duty against strong pulling force. Please do not use them once they start getting torn.


kna-plus bags are made of delicate bio-degradable filament yarn. Please be careful of the following:

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